1st - Quad Youth

2nd - Quad Open

1st - Quad Theme Youth

4th - Quad Theme Open

1st - Patriot

3rd - Theme Youth

1st - Theme Open

2nd - Freestyle Youth

2nd - Freestyle Open


1st - Youth Division Champion (Saddle Covers & Fly Spray)

1st - Patriot Division Champion (Trailer Door Organizer)

3rd - Open Division

4-H/FFA and Open National Division Champions


2nd - Theme Adult

​3rd - Freestyle Adult

National Rodeo Division Champions

​Debbie Dunphy & Dan Myers

Southeastern Arena, Unadilla, GA

Georgia Stampede


1st - Rodeo

4th - Theme Open

3rd - Freestyle Open


1st - Rodeo Division Champion (Hanging Saddle Racks & Flag Holders)

National Green Division Champions

The Rain Poured & The Hooves Thundered


2nd - Quad 4-H/FFA

3rd - Quad Open

1st - Quad Theme 4-H/FFA

2nd - Quad Theme Open

1st - Theme 4-H/FFA

3rd - Theme Open

2nd - Freestyle 4-H/FFA


1st - Open Division Champion (Natl. Champion Belt Buckles)

​1st - 4-H/FFA Division Champion (Halters & Lead Ropes)

​1st - Open Division (Zero Gravity Chairs)

Diamond D Cowgirls

Photos Courtesy of Mary Frances Crowe

Love Valley Misfits Youth

November 1-4, 2018

The SEMDTA uses the ranking system to determine placings for all classes.  If a team places first at the National show in any class that team will be announced as the National Title winner of that class (see all 1st place National Class Champions). The Freestyle Open class winner will be announced as our SEMDTA National Champion.  Division Overall High Point placings is an accumulation of ranking points in each Division for all five SEMDTA shows this season (February, April, June, Regional and National).  The Overall High Point team per Division will be the SEMDTA National Division Champion (see all 1st place National Division Champions).  To be eligible for the SEMDTA National Division Championship a team can only miss one show and must compete in Nationals.  


Sass 'n Saddles


1st - Quad Adult

1st - Quad Theme Adult

1st - Theme Adult

2nd - Freestyle Adult


1st - Adult Division Champion (Box Fan Holders & Horse Clippers w/bags)

​ National Champions

Southeast Mounted Drill Team Association

Red Clay Riders

One and All!

National Youth and Patriot Division Champions

Coweta 4-H Chicks In Chaps

The Rain Poured & The Hooves Thundered

Madison County 4-H
​Cowboys & Angels


1st - Quad Green

1st - Quad Theme Green

4th - Patriot

2nd - Rodeo

3rd - Theme Adult

1st - Freestyle Green - Youth

1st - Freestyle Adult


1st - Green Division Champion (Mounting Blocks & Grooming Kits)

3rd - Patriot Division

​2nd - Rodeo Division


3rd - Patriot - Elite

1st - Theme Green - JV

1st - Theme Novice - Varsity

2nd - Theme Youth - Elite

2nd - Freestyle Green - JV

1st - Freestyle Novice - Varsity

3rd - Freestyle Youth - Elite

November 1-4, 2018

2nd - Theme 4-H/FFA​​

1st - Theme Youth

2nd - Theme Open
1st - Freestyle 4-H/FFA
1st - Freestyle Youth

​4th - Freestyle Open

National ​Reserve Champions

Drill Revolution Varsity

Southern Cross



4th - Quad Open

3rd - Quad Theme Open

2nd - Patriot

​5th - Freestyle Open


2nd - Patriot Division

​4th - Open Division


1st - Quad 4-H/FFA

2nd - Quad Youth

1st - Quad Open

2nd - Quad Theme 4-H/FFA

2nd - Quad Theme Youth

1st - Quad Theme Open

National Adult Division Champions


2nd - 4-H/FFA Division
2nd - Youth Division​

2nd - Open Division