National Patriotic Equestrian Drill Team Competition

June 15-18, 2017

Jacksonville Equestrian Cntr

​Jacksonville, FL

Southeast Mounted Drill Team Association

​​“If you want to be excellent at something, it involves moving away from your comfort zone, overcoming doubt, setbacks and failure. Don't give up.  Keep plugging away and being persistent.  Success and winning will be yours.” 


Sweetheart Competition

SEMDTA National Competition

June 15-18, 2017
Open to ALL Teams  -   No Membership Fees

Video Courtesy of Elizabeth Dabney, Diamond D Cowgirls

SEMDTA National Competition

Turkey Trot Competition

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​​​A National High Point Series

SEMDTA National Equestrian Drill Team Competition June 15-18, 2017

Easter Bash Competition

We at Southeast Mounted Drill Team Association are dedicated to the growth of both the rider and team as a whole by providing a fair and competitive environment.  Our mission is to help promote growth and advancement of the Mounted Drill Team as a sport and family activity.  Please join us as we start a new journey with old friends and welcoming new ones.  Together, we will build new bonds and friendships that will provide a lifetime of memories.

Drill Team Excellence

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We Encourage and Welcome All Teams To The Arena

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We are so proud of the teams here at the Southeast Mounted Drill Team Association!  Good sportsmanship starts at the top with coaches setting an example of fairness, respect, and a sense of fellowship toward their competitors. "Actions speak louder than words", and It's refreshing to witness coaches, riders, and parents all encouraging each other, cheering on, and uplifting riders of all the teams.  The spirit of friendly, honest competition is alive and well and the word is getting out!  A team from Missouri competed in our April show and the gate is still wide open for you!  If your team would like to compete, or just come watch and learn about drill riding, join us at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center for our National competition finale' on June 15-18, 2017, where teams will take home National titles and awards including SEMDTA National Champion belt buckles for all members of the winning team in that day's Freestyle Open.  Come showcase your team, or just watch.  Who knows, you may catch the drill fever and decide to form a team of your own!   We can help with that too.  There are no association or additional fees; all teams pay equally.  We welcome all ages and levels of expertise as we have classes for all.  Come experience the difference! Spectators are welcome and there are no admission or parking fees.